Announcement Posting via UPHSD web pages

The ITS Department provides services for posting annoucements which promote both academic and non-academic events such as seminars and conferences in our campus through our web,

However, the announcements that can only accommodated by the ITS Department will be limited to the following;

  • Official announcements emanating from the Chancellor's Office regarding University Policies and Procedures and / or officials decisions made in University Ex-Officio Meetings / Committees, same with University Office and / or Department Meetings.


  • IT security information from the ITS Department


  • Official announcements / memoramdum from the following offices;
        • - Office of the President
          - Office of the Chancellor
          - Office of the Chairman for Presidential Management Staff
          - Office of the Chairman for Committee on Finance
          - Office of the Executive Vice President for Administration
          - Office of the Vice President for Auditing and Special Operations
          - Office of the Vice President for Security and Safety
          - Office of the School Director
          - Office of the University Registrar
          - Office of the ITS Director
          - Office of the Corporate HRD
          - Office of the College Deans
          - Office of the Department Heads
          - Office of the Principals

          All other requests for announcements should be supported by Helpdesk Request Form, duly approved by the School Director. Requesting Department/Office should be responsible for checking of errors before forwarding the announcement to the ITS Department.