Altas Tankers shines in NCAA Season 95

The university of Perpetual Help ALTAS Tankers shines at the NCAA Season 95 Swimming Tournament last September 7, 2019 at Sta. Rosa City Sports Complex, Sta. Rosa Laguna.

Lady Altas Tanker Ericka Pascual set an NCAA co-record in 100 meter breast stroke (1:19.86) for Gold Medal. She also caps Bronze in 50m breast stroke and Silver in 200m breast stroke.

Here is the list of all the ALTAS Tankers medalists:

Junior Altas                                 Lady Altas    

Bebeboy Panquico                   Ericka Pascual                            Dailyn Mae Galabin

50m  breast stroke (Bronze)    100m breast stroke (Gold)          50m Buttefly (Silver)

100m breast stroke (Silver)     200m breast stroke (Silver)

                                                     50m breast stroke  (Bronze)

Men’s Altas (Seniors)

James Patrick Reyes                                                   Robert Rebite Jr

400m IM (Silver)                                                         200m medley relay (Bronze)

400m free style relay (Bronze)                                 400m medley relay (Bronze)

400m medley relay (Bronze)                                    Kyle Benedict Hizon

Oliver Aroma Jr 400m freestyle relay (Bronze)

200m Back stroke (Bronze)                                     John Carlo Reyes

200m Medley Relay (Bronze)                                   400m freestyle relay (Bronze)

400m Medley relay (Bronze)                                    Gempol Loriaga

Joshua Batersal                                                         400m medley relay (Bronze)

200m Medley Relay (Bronze)

Lanz Adrian Pontevedra  

400m Medley relay (Bronze)

200m Medley relay (Bronze)