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The College of Arts and Sciences recognizes the multidimensionality of human intelligence and aspires to educate future liberal arts practitioners who can communicate effectively, think critically, act creatively, and uphold Christian faith and values.


The College of Arts and Sciences is committed to the highest quality of life and globally prepared Perpetualites. It serves as catalyst for human development and nation-building. It adheres to the Institution which is committed to the ideals of teaching, community service and research.


Drawing on our collective and creative strengths, we will find new and better ways to prepare our students and equip them through the sciences, arts, humanities, sports, and business that will enable them to respond with confidence to challenges as Christ-centered leaders, thinkers, doers, citizens, and serve as catalysts for human development and nation-building towards the achievement of the highest quality of life.


The College of Arts and Sciences is dedicated to the liberal arts that form our students to be Christ-centered, service-oriented and research-driven individuals that knows to question critically, reflect logically, communicate clearly, act creatively, live ethically, and contribute effectively to an increasing global, ever-changing environment as helpers of God.

Programs Offered