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The College of Nursing and School of Midwifery have produced competent graduates who are now successful health care practitioners here and abroad. We continuously produce board top-notchers and model employees based in different health care settings around the world.


University of Perpetual Help System Dalta’s College of Nursing is the premiere college south of Metro Manila which offers quality nursing education since 1975 and has produced outstanding Perpetualite nurses now employed in different health care facilities in the country and all over the world. Our Bachelor of Science in Nursing is a CHED accredited program and has been given Level III recognition by PACUCOA.


The school of midwifery centers on the integration of practice, theory and research. The Midwifery curriculum is designed to provide midwifery students with a broad education in clinical science, clinical management, evidence-based practice, and methods of systematic inquiry. Our supportive and nurturing faculty will help prepare you to be a primary health care provider to women and neonates through excellent experiences in the classroom and clinics. Midwifery graduates are intensively prepared to be eligible to take and pass the Midwifery Licensure Examinations to become Registered Midwives.




Bachelor of Science in Nursing

The College of Nursing is dedicated to excellence in nursing education through warm and competent care of individuals, families, groups, and communities and lifelong pursuit of learning, growth, and innovation. We are committed to prepare students to assume pivotal roles in nursing clinical practice, health care systems management, health policy, and health care research and development.


The college’s faculty is composed of highly qualified and extensively experienced educators and clinicians devoted to excellence in the holistic development of students as compassionate, caring, and competent nurses.


The Bachelor of Science in Nursing curriculum is structured around the theories and philosophies of science, humanities, and other related interdisciplinary studies stressing on critical thinking, health, human constructs, social relations, care and therapeutics, and health care resources. Students also undergo rigorous clinical practice in the university’s own tertiary teaching and training hospital and other specialized institutions for a comprehensive experiential learning.


Discover Your Passion in Health Care. Be a Perpetualite Nurse!




  1. We offer a PACUCOA accredited Level III BS Nursing Program.
  2. We have a tertiary training hospital, the University of Perpetual Help Medical Center.
  3. We have state-of-the-art nursing skills laboratory.
  4. Our administrators and faculty are highly competent.


List of Affiliations

  1. University of Perpetual Help System DALTA
  2. Delia Parong Maternity Hospital
  3. Jose Fabella Memorial Hospital
  4. Muntinlupa City Health Office Health Centers and Community
  5. National Center for Mental Health
  6. Paranaque City Health Office
  7. Philippine Orthopedic Center
  8. Paranaque Community Hospital
  9. San Lazaro Hospital



  1. ADPCN – Association of Deans of Philippine Colleges of Nursing
  2. ANSAP – Association of Nursing Service Administration of the Philippines
  3. CCNGP – Catholic Nurses Guild of the Philippines
  4. CEM – Center for Educational Measurement
  5. FPF – Fetus as a Patient Foundation
  6. MCNAP – Mother and Child Nurses Association of the Philippines
  7. NTTC – National Teachers Training Center
  8. NCF – Nurses Care Foundation
  9. OHNAP – Occupational Health Nursing Association of the Philippines
  10. ORNAP – Operating Room Nurses Association of the Philippines
  11. PNA – Philippine Nurses Association
  12. PDNP – Private Duty Nurses of the Philippines
  13. PSP – Perinatal Society of the Philippines
  14. PADE – Philippine Association of Diabetic Educators
  15. PNRC – Philippine National Red Cross
  16. PONA – Philippine Oncologic Nurses Association
  17. PAP – Perinatal Association of the Philippines
  18. PAUW – Philippine Association of University Women


Career Opportunities

  1. Specific Careers/Professions/Occupations. Graduates of this program as beginning nurse practitioner may pursue the following career paths but not limited to:
  2. Clinical Nursing
  3. Community Health Nursing
  4. Private-Duty Nursing
  5. Occupational Health Nursing
  6. School Nursing
  7. Military Nursing
  8. Health Education
  9. Research
  10. Entrepreneurship