Automotive Servicing (NCI and NCII)

The Automotive Servicing course prepares you for a career where you canget your hands dirty and get paid for it, too! This course is a great jump off point so you can gain the necessary skills and knowledge to service cars and trucks like a pro. Learn the fundamentals of auto servicing such as perform gas and diesel tune up, service automotive battery, service ignition system, test and repair wiring/ lighting system, and perform under chassis preventive maintenance.

The Automotive Servicing NCII and NCIII let you learn beyond the basics. On top of the Automotive Servicing NCI core subjects, you will develop specialized competencies such as perform shop maintenance, repair charging and starting system, service engine mechanical system, service and repair clutch system, service and repair differential and front axle, service steering system, overhaul manual transmission, service brake system, and repair suspension system.

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