Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management

The Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management is a degree program that provides knowledge and skills on principles specializing in the travel and tourism industry sector. It includes managerial concepts and functions necessary in the various fields of travel and tourism and research, essential to prepare students to become globally competitive and responsive to the needs of the industry.

Curriculum Road Map


Why Study Tourism Management
in Perpetual Help?

The University of Perpetual Help is an AUTONOMOUS University committed in delivering high standards of education to its students. The programs of the College of International Hospitality Management are all accredited as a manifestation of the high standards and quality education it offers. The BS-Tourism Management has Level II status while, the BS-Hospitality Management has Level IV status.

The University produces Perpetualites who are committed to be “Helpers of God” and live by the guiding principle of “Character Building is Nation Building” which are reflected in all the activities of the College of International Hospitality and Management.

The students are given the opportunity to enhance their knowledge, skills, attitude and values through varied hands-on learning and practice in the various business settings in cooperation with the university’s industry partners both local and abroad.

The College of International Hospitality Management employs Outcomes-based Education in its pursuit for quality education to produce competent and globally competitive graduates responsive to the needs of the tourism and hospitality industry.

In keeping abreast with the current trends in the hospitality and tourism industry, the University has provided state of the art facilities to simulate and demonstrate actual hands-on training through classroom learning and laboratory activities.

The College of International Hospitality Management advocates the global competitiveness of students through international linkage, exposure and partnership in countries like Japan, Thailand and USA.

The University provides employment opportunities for the graduating students and alumni through annual job fair and other placement activities in coordination with the industry partners. Over the years, the College of International Hospitality Management has produced globally competitive Perpetualites who are now successful businessmen, corporate leaders, practitioners and professionals who are exemplary in their respective fields of specialization.

Career Opportunities

  1. Flight Attendant
  2. Corporate Travel Manager
  3. Airline Ground Attendant
  4. Customer Service Personnel
  5. Tour Guide
  6. Government Tourism Executive
  7. Airline Ticketing Officer
  8. Travel Agency Executive
  9. Travel Agency Owner/ Manager
  10. Tour Operator
  11. Tourist Language Interpreter
  12. Travel Writer
  13. Events Coordinator/ Specialist