Grade School Page

Welcome to the Grade School Department where we nurture, care, develop, and educate the leaders, achievers, and builders of tomorrow. We provide an enriched learning environment that fosters creativity, competence, and well-rounded education for young learners. Our relevant, challenging, and effective curriculum and instruction serves as a beacon to guide, direct, and support students in exploring and developing their unique gifts, talents, and skills.


As a growing learning community, we encourage children to stimulate their minds to think, reason, and solve problems so as to experience small and big successes, develop a high standard of academic excellence, and instill a strong moral fiber grounded on solid Christian values.


Your child’s success is our success. Behind every child’s achievement is our talented and devoted faculty and staff. Deeply committed to the triumphs and victories of their students, our competent faculty assumes myriad roles as teachers, mentors, coaches, and friends. Our staff work together with parents to help children achieve their full potential to develop as future leaders and achievers committed to excellence balanced with loving and compassionate Christian integrity.

Pre School (K1-K2)

Perpetual Help’s Pre-school program is an early-learning, play-based educational approach that aims to maximize the development of young children’s potentials by creating exciting experiences in day-to-day activities and interactions to inspire life-long enthusiasm for learning.

Grade 1-6

The Grade School program equips the young with essential knowledge and values necessary for independent learning and in preparation for secondary education. We help children discover their unique strengths and develop their multiple intelligences through interdisciplinary approaches.




  • Performance-based education to ensure competencies and mastery of skills
  • Strong parent-teacher-student collaboration for positive motivation
  • Value-based and Christ-centered education for holistic development of students.
  • Innovative curriculum to satisfy and meet children’s needs, with the aim of achieving academic excellence
  • Modern equipment & facilities for best in-campus learning experiences
  • Experienced and caring faculty who nurtures students to become competent
  • Vibrant and student-centered community that thrives on developing socio-civic awareness among students
  • Convenient location for students, parents and faculty which maximizes time, energy and resources
  • Tight security to ensure safety of the students