Graduate School


The UPHSD Graduate School believes that critical thinking in diverse and multicultural experiences are valuable ingredients to academic freedom which can be nurtured by a continuing interchange among students, faculty and peers who employ collaborative roles for further discovery, refinement, and application of knowledge in the business entities and communities they serve.


The UPHSD Graduate School is an interdisciplinary institute that provides leadership in transforming and developing change agents and managers of resources through peer-exchange and executive mentoring in a diverse and highly competitive knowledge-based environment.


  1. To enhance the quality of learning across all programs in order to safeguard the value of academic integrity and excellence;
  2. To assist the University in building a world-class educational system through faculty, staff and alumni programs;
  3. To support graduate students from recruitment, registration, retention to graduation;
  4. To advance diversity of graduate education using both traditional approaches and technologically advanced tools;
  5. To encourage research programs that address emerging academic issues and challenges resulting from government legislations and policy advocacies from private sector-led groups; and,
  6. To achieve recognition of the graduate school as the apex of innovation in academic output and excellence.

Core Competencies

Doctor of Business Administration 

Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) provides avenues in developing managers from being administrators of funds to managers of resources. The formal postgraduate curriculum which is a well designed progression and coordination of instruction from our CORPORATE EXECUTIVE MASTER IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION prepares young professionals to become leaders in their communities in particular and to the Filipino people in general.

Master of Business Administration

The formal postgraduate curriculum which is a well designed progression and coordination of instruction from our MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION prepares young professionals to become leaders in their communities in particular and to the Filipino people in general.

Major in:

  1. Human Resource Management (non-thesis)
  2. Information Technology Management

Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Management

Doctor of Philosophy in Special Education (PhD Sped) is a perfectly alligned continuity of program from the Master in Special Education Program. With a group of 8 students, the program can be delivered in the same manner as the Master of Arts in Education for Educational Leadership (MAEd-EL). This program is designed for educators and leaders whose life and work is dedicated to the improvement of the quality of life of children and adults with special needs.

Major in:

  1. Educational Management
  2. Science Education
  3. English
  4. Special Education

Master of Arts in Education for Educational Leadership (MAEd-EL)

Master of Arts in Education for Educational Leadership (MAEd-EL) is similar to the CEMBA in the delivery of programs. It uses a set of curricula approved by the CHED with a modified approach in program management. Designed for busy professionals and educators, the program requires specific contact hours but allows certain leeway for individual research and integration.

Major in:

  1. Early Childhood Development
  2. Educational Management
  3. English
  4. Filipino
  5. Guidance and Counselling
  6. Mathematics
  7. Physical Education and Sports
  8. Science Education
  9. Social Sciences
  10. Special Education
  11. Technology and Livelihood Education

Master of Arts in Nursing

Master of Arts in Nursing is for practicing health care professionals who seek to develop their skills, knowledge, and attitude in the educational and hospital systems. It focuses on quality assurance and quality improvement theories and practices that will keep the students competitive in moving ahead in their career.

Major in:

  1. Nursing Administration

Doctor of Public Administration

Graduate degree holders in public administration and/or management and other social sciences may apply for admission to the doctoral program. Applicants’ credentials are evaluated by Program Chairperson. Applicants go through an interview. Students may apply for the Comprehensive Examination after completion of all formal course requirements. After passing the comprehensive examination, students may enrol in the doctoral dissertation to the Program Chairperson and the Dean of the Graduate School, and together the favourable recommendation of the adviser and the critic, the students shall take the final oral examination/defense on their dissertation before experts in public administration.

Master in Public Administration (Thesis & Non-Thesis Program)

The Program is designed for

  • public servants of national government agencies and local government units, including non-government organizations to accelerate their professional growth through a program of graduate study;
  • researchers, professors, and teachers with knowledge and research skills in public administration;
  • students with the theoretical background and technical skills needed for the effective implementation of public policy in a developing country. This program aims to broaden the knowledge of mid-career public administrators and employees and local officials about theories, principles, and techniques of public administration

Emerging Paradigms

  1. Academic programs that are responsive to the needs of industries and students
  2. Programs are regularly modified to compensate for changes in job requirements and technology
  3. Limited class size to maximize learning & student performance
  4. Team-teaching strategies to engage faculty of relevant competencies
  5. One-stop service shopping: dedicated staff provides full assistance to students and all their academic concerns
  6. Community of students even beyond classrooms through consulting practicum and actual engagements
  7. International linkages for research and global competitiveness

Learning Activities and Programs

  1. Activity Modules facilitate a stimulating learning environment.
  2. Assignments allow students to prepare and to upload their work to the internet.
  3. Chat media allow students and faculty to discuss their modules.
  4. Forums and structured classes provide intellectual interchange within a vibrant and multidisciplinary graduate community.

Continuing Education for Professionals
Continuing Education for Professionals is designed initially for Non-Education Degree Holders who would like to prepare themselves for a Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET). It is a certificate program that caters to working executives, professors and teachers who can pursue their studies and attend school on Saturdays. Working like the CEMBA approach, the 30-unit courses can be delivered under the Modular Approach Program.

  1. Supplemental Programs for Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET)
  2. Business Management for Executives
  3. Enhancement Programs for Professionals
  4. OD Diagnostics and Interventions
  5. Community Relations and Development
  6. Religious Studies
  7. Emergency Medical Services
  8. Events Management