The second campus of the University of Perpetual Help System DALTA (UPHSD) is located in Molino. The campus was established and inaugurated in May 1995. Currently, the UPHSD caters to a student population of more than 6,000 – a dramatic increase based on its initial 700 enrollees. Standing tall in a pristine land area of six (6) hectares, the Molino campus is now the most notable educational institution in Bacoor, Cavite and its neighboring towns.

Contact Information

Perpetual Molino
Molino 3, Bacoor Cavite
(046) 477 – 1630 / 1430

Information Center
(046) 477 – 0602


Dr. Reno R. Rayel, DBA
School Director
(046) 477 – 1640



Basic Education


Building the Leaders of Tomorrow!

The Basic Education Program of the University of Perpetual Help consists of Kindergarten, Grade School, and Business High School. The University’s Basic Education Department nurtures and educates the leaders and achievers of tomorrow. The University builds a strong foundation by providing its students with a business-inclined K-12 program.

Kindergarten ( K1, K2 )

Perpetual Help’s Kindergarten program is an early-learning, play-based educational approach that aims to maximize the development of young children’s potential by creating exciting experiences in day-to- day activities and interactions to inspire life-long enthusiasm for learning.

Why Choose Perpetual?

  • Performance-based education to ensure competencies and mastery of skills
  • Strong parent-teacher-student collaboration for positive motivation
  • Value-based and Christ-centered education for holistic development of students.
  • Innovative curriculum to satisfy and meet children’s needs, with the aim of achieving academic excellence
  • Modern equipment & facilities for best in-campus learning experience
  • Experienced and caring faculty who nurtures students to become competent
  • Vibrant and student-centered community that thrives on developing socio-civic awareness among students
  • Convenient location for students, parents, and faculty which maximizes time, energy, and resources
  • Tight security to ensure student safety

Grades 1-6

Welcome to the Grade School Department where we nurture, care, develop, and educate the leaders, achievers, and builders of tomorrow. We provide an enriched learning environment that fosters creativity, competence, and well-rounded education for young learners. Our relevant, challenging, and effective curriculum and instruction serve as a beacon to guide, direct, and support students in exploring and developing their unique gifts, talents, and skills.

As a growing learning community, we encourage children to stimulate their minds to think, reason, and solve problems, to experience small and big successes, develop a high standard of academic excellence, and instill a strong moral fiber grounded on solid Christian values.

Your child’s success is our success. Behind every child’s achievement is our talented and devoted faculty and staff. Deeply committed to the triumphs and victories of their students, our competent faculty assumes myriad roles as teachers, mentors, coaches, and friends. Our staff work together with parents to help children achieve their full potential. We aim to develop future leaders and achievers who are committed to excellence by inculcating balanced and compassionate Christian integrity.

The Grade School program equips the young with essential knowledge and values necessary for independent learning and in preparation for secondary education. We help children discover their unique strengths and develop their multiple intelligences through interdisciplinary approaches.

Why Choose Perpetual?

  • Performance-based education to ensure competencies and mastery of skills
  • Strong parent-teacher-student collaboration for positive motivation
  • Value-based and Christ-centered education for holistic development of students.
  • Innovative curriculum to satisfy and meet children’s needs, with the aim of achieving academic excellence
  • Modern equipment & facilities for best in-campus learning experiences
  • Experienced and caring faculty who nurtures students to become competent
  • Vibrant and student-centered community that thrives on developing socio-civic awareness among students
  • Convenient location for students, parents and faculty which maximizes time, energy and resources
  • Tight security to ensure safety of the students

Junior Business High School

Get the Competitive Edge! Level up with the Business High School!

In Business High School, students learn about business, entrepreneurship, management, and leadership principles in addition to studying the prescribed high school curriculum of the Department of Education.

This innovative program, which began 30 years ago, is the brainchild of the Chief Executive Officer, Dr./BGen Antonio L. Tamayo, who thought of reinventing the high school curriculum to be responsive to the call of times in developing self-sufficient and self-reliant high school students, thus making them catalysts of change. The Business High School model, which is similar to the K-12 program, was already being practiced in Perpetual Help even before it became a national prerogative.

The academic offerings of the business high school is supported by several worthwhile activities such as Go Negosyo Exposure, Personality Development Seminar with Teens on the Ramp, Mini-Business Program and Off-campus Go Bazaar among others to complete a competency-based entrepreneurship education curriculum useful for any course or career in the future. Grades 11 and 12 classes mirror the university experience to provide students with a fluid transition into college life while at the same time, students gain relevant business training should they choose to enter the world of work after 12 years of basic education.

Whether the student plans to become a doctor, a lawyer, an Engineer, or a Criminologist, he or she will benefit from the business high school’s strong, formative, and comprehensive general education with its distinct business literacy programs.

Be the Best! Invest in Business High School


  • Offers enhanced Basic Education Program (K-12)
  • Offers Business High School curriculum
  • Balanced and quality academic programs
  • Value-based and Christ-centered education
  • Competent and caring faculty, school administrators, and personnel
  • Co-curricular programs such as intensive journalism training, leadership training, and community outreach activities to provide experiential learning opportunities and well-rounded character formation
  • Safe and secured campus


  • Catholic Educational Association of the Philippines (CEAP)
  • Education Service Contracting (ESC) participating school
  • National Private Secondary School Administrators Association of the Philippines (PRISSAAP)
  • Fund for Assistance to Private Education (FAPE)
  • Philippine Association of Colleges & Universities (PACU)
  • Young Men’s Christian Association of Manila (YMCA)
  • Mathematics Teachers Association of the Philippines (MTAP)
  • On-going preparation to be accredited by the Philippine Association of Colleges & Universities Commission on Accreditation (PACUCOA)


  • Fully air-conditioned classrooms
  • Multimedia computer education
  • Library with internet access
  • Playground
  • Gymnasium equipped for indoor sports and other social activities
  • Football practice field
  • Track and field oval
  • 25-meter swimming pool
  • Weights room
  • Dance hall
  • Chess board room

Senior High School

We Nurture and Empower the Youth as the 21st Century Learners!

The University of Perpetual Help nurtures and empowers the students by providing them the most comprehensive Senior High School Curriculum. Enriched with relevant business course across all tracks, Perpetual prepares them in their journey towards their chosen fields.

As a premier university giving quality education for 40 years, Perpetual provides the building blocks of education for the 21st century learners. Through its Senior High School Program, Perpetual connects students to the future; taking them to a new arena of knowledge. As a Perpetualite Senior High School Graduate, they become equipped to pursue college, attain employment, and start an entrepreneurial venture worldwide.

We offer all four (4) tracks: Academic, Arts and Design, Sports, and Tech-Vocational and Livelihood to address the needs of the 21st century learners.

The Perpetualite Tracks and Strands


STRAND 1       

Accountancy and Business Management (ABM)

  • Accountancy
  • Business Management
  • Entrepreneurship

Aligned Undergraduate Programs

  • BS in Business Administration (LP, MOL, CAL)
    Major in:
  • Marketing Management (LP, MOL, CAL)
  • Business Management (MOL)
  • Human Resource Management (LP, MOL,CAL)
  • BS in Entrepreneurship (LP, MOL, CAL)
  • BS in Accountancy (LP, MOL, CAL)

STRAND 2       

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)

  • Medical and Allied Health
  • Computer Science
  • Engineering
  • Architecture
  • Pre-Baccalaureate  Aviation Specialization (LP)

Aligned Undergraduate Programs

  • Associate in Dentistry (LP)
  • BS in Nursing (LP, MOL, CAL)
  • BS in Physical Therapy (LP, MOL, CAL)
  • BS in Occupational Therapy (LP, CAL)
  • BS in Respiratory Therapy (LP)
  • BS in Radiologic Technology (LP, MOL, CAL)
  • BS in Pharmacy (LP, MOL, CAL)
  • BS in Medical Technology (LP, MOL, CAL)
  • BS in Computer Science (LP, MOL, CAL)
  • BS in Mechanical Engineering (LP, CAL)
  • BS in Civil Engineering (LP, CAL)
  • BS in Electrical Engineering (LP, MOL, CAL)
  • BS in Industrial Engineering (LP, MOL, CAL)
  • BS in Computer Engineering (LP, MOL, CAL)
  • BS in Electronics and Communications Engineering (LP, MOL, CAL)
  • BS in ECE with specialized track in Biomedical Engineering (MOL)
  • BS in Architecture (LP, MOL, CAL)

STRAND 3       

Humanities and Social Sciences (HUMSS)

  • Arts and Sciences
  • Criminology

Aligned Undergraduate Programs

  • AB in Psychology (LP, MOL, CAL)
  • BS in Psychology (LP)
  • AB in Political Science (LP)
  • BS in Criminology (LP, MOL, CAL)

STRAND 4       

General Academic Strand

  • General Education

Aligned Undergraduate Programs

  • Bachelor of Secondary Education (LP, MOL, CAL)
  • Bachelor of Elementary Education (LP, MOL, CAL)


STRAND 1       

Information and Communications Technology (ICT)

  • Information Technology

Aligned Undergraduate Programs

  • BS in Information Technology (LP, MOL, CAL)

STRAND 2       

Home Economics (HE)

  • Hospitality Management
  • Health Care

Aligned Undergraduate Programs

  • BS in Hospitality Management (LP, MOL, CAL)
  • BS in Tourism Management (LP, MOL, CAL)
  • BS in Midwifery

STRAND 3       

Industrial Arts (IA)

  • Automotive Servicing

Aligned Technical-Vocational Programs

  • Auto Service Training with OJT in Japan (LP)


STRAND 1       

Media Arts

  • Arts and Design Appreciation and Production

Aligned Technical-Vocational Programs

  • AB in Multimedia Arts (MOL)
  • AB in Communication (LP, MOL, CAL)


STRAND 1       

Physical Education

  • Fitness Testing and Basic Exercise Programming
  • Fitness, Sports and Recreation Leadership

Aligned Undergraduate Programs

  • BS in Education, Major in Physical Education (LP)


Why Choose Perpetual Help?

  • We offer affordable tuition fee with easy payment schemes.
  • Our campus is strategically located along major thoroughfares and accessible via all types of transportation.
  • Our well-equipped laboratories and modern equipment are carefully maintained and regularly updated to provide a conducive learning environment through simulations, projects, and proactive discussions with the faculty.
  • Our competent and caring faculty nurture students to help them gain knowledge, develop skills, and realize their potentials.
  • Our high quality of education has produced graduates who are intellectually and technically prepared for their role as engineers.
  • We support our students in competing in engineering-related competitions to hone their skills and spark innovation through experiments and discoveries.


The College of Architecture provides students with a dynamic education through a broad academic foundation of theories and principles essential to professional work in architecture.

The Architecture program introduces students to a broad knowledge in the art and science of designing buildings, open areas, communities, and other physical environments where people live in.

The education is project-oriented with an emphasis for collaborative learning between the faculty and students. It aims to develop a student’s design and practical skills where you will learn to incorporate ethics, aesthetics, technology, and environment sustainability in your design projects.


  • Bachelor of Science in Architecture 

The College of Arts and Sciences recognizes the multidimensionality of human intelligence and aspires to educate future liberal arts practitioners who can communicate effectively, think critically, act creatively, and uphold Christian faith and values.

  • AB in Communication 
  • AB in Multimedia Arts 
  • AB in Psychology 

In College of Business Administration and Accountancy (CBAA), students develop effective skills of analysis, strategic thinking, communication, and techniques on managing different personalities – crucial tools for a successful career. CBAA improves its programs to promote peer learning, individual academic advising, networking opportunities, and fun college events. Whatever industry or company our graduates will seek employment from, they will be armed with useful skills and valuable knowledge ready for vast and varied career opportunities in the business world.

  • BS in Accountancy 
  • BS in Accounting Technology 
  • BS in Business Administration major in:
    • Business Management 
    • Human Resource Development Management 
    • Marketing Management 
  • BS in Entrepreneurship 

The College of Computer Studies is committed to produce globally competitive IT professionals through its continuous improvement of its curricula, up-to-date computer laboratory rooms and globally recognized certification exams.

Education at the College of Computer Studies features a rigorous curriculum, small classes, informed faculty, involved learning community, and entertaining social events. Our faculty and staff work passionately to provide up-to-date and relevant education to produce skilled graduates who are ready to meet industry demands.

  • BS in Computer Science 
  • BS in Information Technology

The College of Criminology aims to produce graduates imbued with technical skills and knowledge in the field of law enforcement, public safety, industrial security and social defense, coupled with a deep sense of loyalty to God, country, people, and Alma Mater.

The College aims to foster the values of leadership, integrity, accountability and responsibility among graduates through outstanding career services in the country’s criminal justice system.

At the end of the program, criminology students must have developed techniques, skills, knowledge, competencies and attitude in:

  1. The conduct of criminal investigation and detection.
  2. Criminal law and court procedure
  3. Law enforcement, crime prevention and control.
  4. The maintenance of peace and order, public safety and security.
  5. Research and inquiry on the nature, causes, treatment or punishment of criminal behaviour and how criminal justice agencies respond to crime, criminals and victim
  6. Moral and spiritual uprightness


  • BS in Criminology 

The College of Engineering offers seven (7) courses, namely:


  • BS in Computer Engineering 
  • BS in Electrical Engineering 
  • BS in Electronics Engineering 
  • BS in Industrial Engineering 

Each one is designed to equip students with the necessary learnings in the world of engineering.

The Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering is a profession that applies the basic principles of science in conjunction with mathematical and computational tools to solve problems associated with developing and sustaining civilized life on our planet. It is one of the broadest engineering discipline both in terms of the range of problems that fall within its preview and in the range of knowledge required to solve those problems. Civil Engineering works are generally one-of-a-kind projects; they are often grand in scale; and they usually require cooperation among professionals of many different disciplines.

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering program of the College of Engineering is designed to produce graduates that applies engineering principles and methodologies in the analysis, design, implementation and management of hardware, software and the integration of both.

The Bachelor of Science in Electronics Engineering curriculum is designed to develop engineers who have a background in mathematics, natural, physical and allied sciences. As such, the curriculum contains courses in mathematics, science and engineering fundamentals with emphasis on the development of analytical and creative abilities. It also contains language courses, social sciences and humanities. This is to ensure that the electronics engineering graduate is articulate and is able to understand the nature of his/her special role in society and the impact of his/her work on the progress of civilization.

The Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering program of the College Engineering program must have specialized knowledge and skills and in the mathematical, physical, and social sciences together with the principles and methods of engineering analysis and design to specify, predict, and evaluate the results to be obtained from such systems.

The Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering is a profession that concerns itself with mechanical design, energy conversion fuel and combustion technologies, heat transfer, materials, noise control and acoustics, manufacturing processes, rail transportation, automatic control, product safety and reliability, solar energy, and technological impacts to society.

The Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering program of the College of Engineering designed to produce industry needs, latest trends and technology in the field of Electrical Engineering. The program deals with the generation, transmission, distribution and utilization of electricity. It also deals with the design, operation and protection, maintenance and economics of electrical systems with emphasis on ethical values to harness economically and safely the materials, and forces of nature for the benefit of society and the environment.

The College of International Hospitality Management and Tourism educates the next generation of leaders and managers for the world’s fastest growing and most dynamic industry.

The impressive CIHM building provides an ideal learning environment through modern facilities to allow students in honing their skills and knowledge in a realistic setting. Our curriculum is further strengthened through collaboration with industry leaders supported by our caring and nurturing faculty members who are equipped with extensive local and international industry experience giving students a perfect blend of theoretical and practical experiences.

  • BS in Hotel and Restaurant Management 
  • BS in Tourism 
  • Associate in Hotel and Restaurant Management 
  • BS in Medical Technology 

The Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology is a four-year program which trains students in the performance of laboratory test procedures and analyses used in the detection, diagnosis, prognosis, prevention, and treatment of diseases with the use of modern equipment and scientific techniques.

  • BS in Nursing 

The College of Nursing comprehensively trains students to assume pivotal roles in nursing practice, nursing education and research. We have produced competent graduates who are now successful health care practitioners here and abroad.

  • BS in Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy 

The College of Physical and Occupational Therapy provides high quality of education that is recognized by relevant local and international professional bodies. We develop physical and occupational therapists who are competent imbued with social responsibility and integrity meeting and health care needs of their clients and individual, family, and community level across the lifespan.

  • BS in Pharmacy 

The College of Pharmacy is known for producing graduates who consistently place higher than the national average on national licensing examinations. Our highly experienced faculty, dedicated staff, wide network, and practical training all work together to create a distinctive, immersive, and supportive academic environment to guide students toward successful and sustainable health care professions.

  • BS in Radiologic Technology 

The College of Radiologic Technology is your premiere choice for a Radiologic Technology degree. Our highly competent faculty and supportive staff strive for excellence in education and service, which we aim to deliver every day. We are focused on providing the latest relevant competencies in Radiologic Technology.

The University of Perpetual Help System DALTA College of Education is dedicated to develop future teachers of excellence and integrity with the skills necessary to explore and pursue solutions to current education issues and concerns. The curriculum provides many opportunities for classroom observation, projects, student teaching internships, and community engagement programs under the guidance of our nurturing and highly qualified faculty and staff. We strive to prepare our graduates to pass the Licensure Examination for Teachers and to become effective educators ready to meet any challenge with compassion, wisdom, and strength of character to excel in the dynamic and evolving field of education.

  • Bachelor of Elementary Education
  • Bachelor of Secondary Education
  • Teacher Certificate Program

The Vocational Technology Department offers an exciting mix of practical experiential learning and classroom instructions in our modular courses and find which one is best for you. All our courses comply with TESDA’s training regulations and cover the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed in Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET). The modules focus on the basic, common, and core competencies in accordance with industry standards. The student will obtain a National Certificate Level II (NC-2) upon completion of each course.

The Vocational Technology Department has TESDA accredited instructors who are holders of National Certificate Level II (NC-2), Assessment Methodology – Training Methodology (AM-TM) Certificate, Assessors Qualification – Trainers Qualification (AQ-TQ) Certificate, National TVET Trainers Certificate (NTTC), and Assessors Certificate.

  • Auto Service Training with OJT in Japan (Autobacs) NC1
  • Bartending NC2 
  • Bread and Pastry NC2
  • Caregiving NC2 
  • Consumer Electronics Servicing NC2
  • Cookery NC2 
  • Food and Beverages Services NC2 
  • Housekeeping NC2 
  • Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) NC2