Online Enrollment (College)


I promise to submit the following requirements on or before the Prelim Examination

Admission Credentials:

  1. Form 138 (Original Report Card)
  2. Certificate of Good Moral Character
  3. Birth Certificate/Marriage Certificate (PSA Authenticated)
  4. 3 pcs. 2x2 colored pictures
  1. Official Copy of Grades (for evaluation purposes)
  2. Official Transcript of Record (Copy for UPHSD)
  3. Certificate of Good Moral Character
  4. Birth Certificate/Marriage Certificate (PSA Authenticated)
  5. Transfer Credential/Honorable Dismissal
  6. 3 pcs. 2x2 colored pictures

I understand that I may not be allowed to enroll in the succeeding semester and ultimately not qualify for graduation should I fail to submit the credentials during the agreed period.


DISCLAIMER: This Privacy Manual is hereby adopted in compliance with Republic Act No. 10173 or the Data Privacy Act of 2012 (DPA), its Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR), and other relevant policies, including issuances of the National Privacy Commission.

It is the policy of University of Perpetual Help System DALTA (UPHSD) to respect and uphold data privacy rights, and to ensure that all personal data collected from students, their parents or guardians, employees and other third parties, are processed pursuant to the general principles of transparency, legitimate purpose, and proportionality as stated in DPA.

This Manual outlines the data protection and security measures adopted by the University to protect data privacy rights, and shall serve as a guide in the exercise of rights under the DPA.


I do hereby acknowledge, agree and understand that as a condition for my admission and continued stay in UPHSD, I will abide by all the rules and regulations, academic standards and curriculum of UPHSD, as these may be amended from time to time, which rules and regulations, academic standards and curriculum have been known to me and which I understand and accept. I also understand and accept that the minimum passing grade for each course is Seventy-Five percent (75%) and that if I get a grade lower than Seventy-Five percent (75%), I agree and accept that I have failed the course and repeat the same. Furthermore, I have to maintain a minimum general weighted average as stipulated in the policies of the College or Department and comply with all the requirements, so that I may be considered for promotion to the next level.

Moreover, I agree that taking and passing the qualifying examinations covering one school year is an additional requirement for my promotion from Level 2 to Level 3, Level 3 to Level 4 and Level 4 to Level 5, as the case may be.

Finally, I will abide by all policies stipulated in the Student Handbook as these may be amended from time to time.

I am conforming to this Agreement freely and voluntarily with complete and full understanding of the terms and corresponding consequences.


I am a Perpetualite guided by the philosophy that “Character Building is Nation Building.” I promise to abide by the rules and regulations of the University and commit to:

  1. Always be honest in academics. I will never cheat in examinations, quizzes and other scholastic activities nor try to manipulate my online school accounts;
  2. Always be conscientious in coming up with my course requirements. I will never plagiarize nor pass of one’s work as mine;
  3. Always be prudent in my association with my classmates and school friends. I will never divulge exam or quiz questions nor ask them to share theirs for the purposes of obtaining a passing mark;
  4. Always be diligent in my studies. I will never procrastinate nor ask any other person to do my course requirements for me;
  5. Always be respectful. I will never be discourteous to my professors, school administrators, classmates and schoolmates and will always give them due respect as my fellow Perpetualites.

These, I shall abide by. These, I shall live by. I am a Perpetualite.
I acknowledge that my professors may determine if I commit any transgression against the Perpetualite Academic Code of Honor and may elevate it to the Prefect of Discipline for verification and appropriate proceeding when so warranted.

I have read and agree