Tuition Fee Loan

Features of the Tuition loan are as follows:

  1. Loan Amount: based on the total amount payable upon enrollment as certified by the UPHS assessor /accountant, but not to exceed 25%CRL
  2. Term: College – min of 6 mos. and max. of 8 months per semester Grade School / High School – max. of 9 months per school year.
  3. Interest: 1% per month (add-on rate)
  4. Principal: Payable monthly via post-dated checks or debit from Account maintained with any USBI branch.

Eligibility as Borrower:

a. Any working student , relative or guardian of the student b. Must be gainfully employed with regular income stream

b. With no adverse NFIS findings

c. Co-maker is required d. must have a Credit Ratio Limit of 25%, at least

Requirements Upon Filing of Loan Application: 

  • Duly accomplished and signed loan application form (bank form)
  • Assessment sheet from UPHS Assessor or Accounting Office
  • Two (2) government issued IDs of borrower and co-maker
  • Copy of Company ID with three (3) specimen signatures
  • Certificate of Employment with Salary Disclosure of borrower and co-maker
  • Copy of latest three (3) months- payslip, or proof income of borrower and co-maker
  • Copy of ITR of borrower and co-maker
  • Recent 2×2 picture, signed at the back of student, borrower and co-maker
  • Proof of billing of borrower and co-maker
  • Sketch of Residence
  • Co-maker of equal financial capacity or better

Contact Numbers

Manila Branch      –  09175098784 / 09189416429

Las Piñas  Branch –  09177936443 / 09175098793

Biñan Branch        –  09175098790 / 09230868898

Molino Branch      –  09175098794 / 09569877728

GMA Branch          –  09175098795 / 09279367328