Bachelor of Arts in Communication (BA Comm)

Nature of the Field of Study

Communication as a field of study covers the various ways by which humans communicate. It focuses on how verbal and non-verbal messages are used to create meanings in different contexts using diverse platforms. It includes a broad range of subject matter raging from the study of communication in interpersonal relationships, groups, organizations and cultures.

(CMO No. 35 Series of 2017)

Curriculum Road Map


Why Study AB Communication
in Perpetual Help?

There is no question about the importance of education in one’s life.  Despite the training and the experiences an individual gets from work, it is still vital to get a degree in order to face the challenges in the future.  This will give him the tools to cope with these challenges.  Education is something that he will carry in his lifetime; something that no one can steal from him. Lastly, getting the degree in UPHSD will give him the opportunity to imbibe and live with the core values of a Perpetualite.

Career Opportunities

Earning a degree is a step closer to promotion. In whatever field he is in at the moment, being a college graduate will give him the opportunity to compete with others who are also vying for a particular promotion, who also have the competencies and the relevant work experience like him.

With globalization, the degree will also give him the opportunity to compete with others, not necessarily with present colleagues, but also with other members of the working population.


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