1. Exemption from the issuance of Special Order (S.O.) for their graduates.

2. Free from regular monitoring and evaluation by CHED. However, in cases when there will be complaints files against the Private Higher Education Institutions (PHEI), or there are reported violations by the Private Higher Education Institutions of existing laws, rules and regulations, of there are sensational issues//problems raised about the operation of the Private Higher Education Institutions, the CHED may conduct verification, monitoring or investigation activities.

3. Priority in the grant of subsidies and other financial incentives/assistance from the Commission on Higher Education whenever funds are available.

4. Privilege to determine and prescribe their curricular programs to achieve global competence. In case of curricular revisions, for record purposes, the Private Higher Education Institutions should inform the CHED Central Office at least one semester prior to the start of the intended academic year the revised curriculum shall be implemented.

5. Authority to grant Honoris Causa to those deserving, per pertinent provisions of existing CHED issuance on conferment of honorary degrees.

6. Private Higher Education Institutions granted deregulated status has to secure from the Commission on Higher Education permit of authority to offer new course/program, establish branch/satellite campus or offer extension classes and distance education programs or establish twinning/networking/linkage programs with foreign institutions.